Sailor highschool Anita Conti

The Anita Conti Sailor School, in Fécamp, wanted to make a set of book about the security techniques at sea. The book is now distributed to every student; but were also given to all the fishermen in Fécamp’s harbor.

Drawings and illustrations by Simon Le Cieux, an artist based in Le Havre. His website

The book is printed on a tearproof and waterproof paper, to resist weather and moisture.
A4 — Trichromy
2018 – 2019

Vol. I — PST
Personal Survival Techniques

Vol. II — Fire
Competence in fire prevention and fire fighting

Vol. III — Medical 1
Competence in Elementary first aid

Vol. IV — PSSR
Personal Safety and Social Responsabilities

Vol. V — PSCRB
Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats